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Meeting on CCCC-FHEC’s Overseas Development Held


CCCC First Harbor Engineering Company held a meeting on overseas development on June 27, 2019, attended by the Company’s leadership, deputy chief engineers, deputy chief economists, managers of relevant departments, chief leaders of the Company’s branches.

Wang Hongtao, the Company’s Party Secretary, Board Chairman, requested that: First, we should resolve existing problems instead of ignoring them, take full use of our advantages, be aware of changeable international environment, put equal emphasis on domestic and overseas businesses, manage global businesses from a global perspective, in order to fully improve the Company’s comprehensive management on overseas businesses. Second, we should make reform and innovation on overseas development guided by the Company’s key strategies, remove difficulties obstructing development, further improve top-level design, optimize resource allocation, uplift operation efficiency to constantly enhance overseas development. Third, we should put more emphasis on preventing or controlling risks, set up a bottom line to seize good opportunities while refusing bad ones, enhance our capacities of realizing potential risks and fighting against the risks and establish and constantly enrich risk management and control procedure and mechanism. Last but not the least, we should put more efforts on Party building to provide sufficient human resources for overseas development, make Party building the core competitiveness in overseas development.

You Guangjun, the General Manager, emphasized that we should focus on long-time development of the company and hold the belief that overseas development is as important as domestic businesses. We should broaden our views and minds to adjust strategies on overseas marketing, build quality projects, encourage design team to make a perfect job before construction, constantly improve our abilities in independent research and development, enhance our capacities of building projects and creating benefits, do a good job in early-stage planning before construction and assign the right person to the overseas project’s key post. The capacities of ensuring safe and secure production and emergency management should also be improved. We should set up a complete system covering examination of staff’s achievements, salary, promotion, vacation.

On the meeting, existing problems were exposed, suggestions of resolving them were exchanged, future plans were discussed to ensure better overseas projects, better CCCC-FHEC. (Zhao Li)