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CCCC-FHEC Leaders Inspected & Instructed the Work of its Conways International Development Co., Ltd.


You Guangjun, General Manager; Gan Xingqiu, Deputy Manager, of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd (CCCC-FHEC) and Cao Bojie, General Manager of Overseas Business Unit & Board Chairman of Conways International Development Co., Ltd. (Conways) of CCCC-FHEC inspected the work of Conways in Hong Kong.

You Guangjun heard the report on the overall development of its businesses in Hong Kong by Conways, and he expressed great appreciation for the outcomes achieved by Conways and the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirits of its whole team. He also shared his opinions and raised requests on the aspects including Conways’ development orientation, project management mode, overseas risk management, and team building.

You stressed that Conways shall further study on how to manage major and large-scale engineering projects in Hong Kong in a better and fruitful way, seek opportunities to be a general contractor of engineering projects, efficiently improve human resources management, focus more on risk control and management of overseas projects and work hard to make the company a better overseas developer. (Zhao Li)