Infrastructure Construction

The First Harbour Engineering Company Limited of China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd.), centering on “engineering activities”, always devote their efforts to the construction of ports and harbours in China with utter dedication. CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd. have undertaken or taken part in the construction of more than 40 ports and harbours in China, out of which, eight ports have ranked among the first ten ports in the world. In many years, CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd., having kept on with their structural transformation while staying firmly rooted in marine engineering and construction and developing in diverse fields, have entered into the fields of sea-crossing tunnels, roads and bridges, railways and mass transit systems, air ports, and other civil and industrial buildings, manifesting their strength and supremacy.


Going abroad, CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd. bring benefit to the world with their quality buildings and structures. Since last 1970s when CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd. undertook and completed the construction of the 300,000 dwt dry dock and its outfitting quay in Malta and the Friendship Harbour in Mauritania, CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd. have constructed more than 150 large and medium sized projects in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, Latin America and Antarctica with their footprints over more than 30 countries and regions.


CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd. have entered into the investment in infrastructure, real estate development, and operating assets and property and have invested one after another in the BT Project of Tianjin Coastal Highway, BOT Highway Project in Jamaica, PPP Project of Yulin-Zhanjiang Highway and many other highways and municipal works, PPP Project of Submarine Tunnel and Extension of Guangming Road in Dalian Gulf, PPP Project of Underground Integrated Pipeline Gallery in Sanya, and real estate projects like Qihang Jiayuan Apartments and Yue Mansions in Tianjin, manifesting initially the company’s integrative capability in financing, investment, design, construction, and operation.

Engineering & Trade

CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd., relying on their experience in manufacture, installation, trading and management of large equipment and machinery and taking advantage of the function of “Internet +”, have built a professional, high quality and highly efficient platform for trading of industrial products and have provided clients with professional and systematic prominent service and overall solutions for design, procurement, manufacture, supervision, installation, operation and maintenance, and provision of spares and parts, contributing valuably to the Company’s development in a new trading form of “Internet + Trading and Commerce + Service + Financing”.

Operation and Maintenance

CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd. have achieved the development in the field of operation and maintenance while having developed the company into an EPC general contractor for provision and installation of complete equipment for ports and harbours. CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd. have now become an integrative service provider for the whole industrial chain in port engineering and construction starting from the designs, manufacture, trading, construction and installation to the operation and maintenance of the facilities. During the 13th Five-year Plan period, CCCC - First Harbour Eng. Co., Ltd. will take a full life cycle service provider as their goal and promote their development in the operation and maintenance field in railway transportation, high-rise buildings, urban underground integrative pipeline galleries, and airports.